Forthcoming keeps you informed about what's happening at your university, local concert hall, and favorite sports stadium. Our goal is to crowdsource the web's calendars and make them available to you in the palm of your hand. More technically speaking, Forthcoming takes the pain out of finding and managing ICS files.

With Forthcoming's Directory, you can discover new calendars by popularity, category, or location. Or manually subscribe to calendars by entering their URLs.



Forthcoming pulls events from all of your subscribed calendars into a single event stream. Add interesting events to your local iOS calendar with a single tap, or drill into an event to read more about it, view a map of its location, or share it with family and friends.


If you subscribe to remote calendars in Calendar on iOS, you know your agenda quickly fills up with events you are not interested in or do not have time for.


By moving all of your calendar subscriptions to a dedicated app, Forthcoming ensures your agenda stays personal. As you scroll through your event stream, only add events that strike you as interesting to your iOS calendar.

The Directory

Discover web calendars by popularity, category, or search. Calendars are even geotagged so you can find what's happening nearby.


As you scroll through events, see at a glance which ones fit your schedule. Time-conflicting events simply fade away.

Quick Add

Add interesting events to your iOS calendar with a single tap.


Share events with family and friends via Twitter, Facebook, email, or iMessage.

Smart Colors

Calendars are color-coded by the primary color in their sources' favicons. It's all in the details.

Designed for iOS

Forthcoming has been designed from the ground up for iOS with support for features like background fetch.